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The Founding Ceremony of the Fintech Research and Development Fund


Empowering economic and social development with digitization has become the general task of China's 14th Five-Year Plan and even longer periods. At the special moment of the 70th anniversary of ECNU, Shanghai Asia Business Development Group Co., Ltd. and alumni Chen Qiwei donated 10 million yuan to establish the Fintech Research and Development Fund to help the school’s interdisciplinary joint research and collaborative innovation in the field of financial technology, promoting the high-quality development of national and regional economies.

On October 10th, The Founding Ceremony of the Fintech Research and Development Fund was held at the North Zhongshan Road campus. Wang Xinkui, former Vice Chairman of the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce, Counselor of the Shanghai Municipal People’s Government, and Director of the Shanghai WTO Affairs Consulting Center; Chen Qiwei, Chairman of the Shanghai Asia Business Development Group Co., Ltd, Special Assistant to the Chairman Yu Danjue, Vice President Zhang Jun; Mei Bing, University Council Chairwoman of ECNU; Lei Qili, Vice President of ECNU; Si Yang, Assistant to the President and Secretary General of the ECNU Foundation; Lian Ping, Honorary Director of the FEM; Yue Hua, Chair of the FEM Council; Chen Linhui, Counsel of the Shanghai Federation of Social Sciences; Zhao Yihuai, Deputy Director of the Management Committee of the Lingang New Area of Shanghai Pilot Free Trade Zone; Fang Weixing, General Manager of the Development Research Department of the Bank of Communications and He Ying, Deputy Dean of the Shanghai Business School attended the opening ceremony. The ceremony was hosted by Lei Qili.

The Fintech Research and Development Fund aims to further implement and promote various projects in the field of Fintech. The fund will be mainly used to carry out creative exploration and research in basic disciplines, interdisciplinary and emerging disciplines of Fintech, provide support for improving teaching and scientific research, and develop the projects of talent training, technological innovation, and the transformation of scientific research results.

Chen Qiwei, Chairman of the Shanghai Asia Business Development Group Co., Ltd, expressed his gratitude to his alma mater and the teachers. As one of the school’s special education funds, the Fintech Research and Development Fund will provide sustainable resources support in Fintech research, discipline construction, and talent training. Chen Qiwei also expressed his expectation to strengthen discipline innovation in economic and social changes based on the strength of the comprehensive disciplines of ECNU, to make great contribution to the development of the Yangtze River Delta Fintech ecosystem.

Copy editor: Henry Allen  

Editor: Li Yinan